~ About Me ~

taking care of plants is my passion

Ida Siebcig Born and raised in Zürich, 2001

I share the Passion for Trees with my Grandad. 15 years ago, he started with about 600 walnut trees and 100 hazelnut trees, which I basically grew up with. I was there for every part of the step and learned as much as I could from my elders.

I see how grateful my grandpa is that I have so much interest in the work he accomplished and he is so proud to guide me through my projects.

One day I plan to undertake his fields and give the trees the third generation of care.

It is kind of like a sixth sense for me, to connect and find absolute peace in giving still creatures room to say something.

What I appreciate most about bonsai, though, is that there is almost a certainty that you can keep them for the rest of your life.

In the mornings, I am grateful that the sun will bless us with her light and in the evenings, I thank the moon for the night.

Core values that I believe in


Im not only a shop i want to share my passion for plants. You can contact me anytime if you want to have a chat.


I want to empower the people to embrace plants for thier mental health. these creatures are giving you so much back in the stressed out enviroment.


I really love every tree like a kid as i grew them by myself. So for me its like giving away a kid but i have just to many of them to keep them.

“ My mission is to help people develop confidence in their daily decisions and guide them to a well-balanced lifestyle ”