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Lets Grow together

Hi, I’m Bonsai Ida.

Ida Siebcig Born and raised in Zürich, 2001

I share the Passion for Trees with my Grandad. 15 years ago, he started with about 600 walnut trees and 100 hazelnut trees, which I basically grew up with. I was there for every part of the step and learned as much as I could from my elders.

I see how grateful my grandpa is that I have so much interest in the work he accomplished and he is so proud to guide me through my projects.

One day I plan to undertake his fields and give the trees the third generation of care…

Varied collection of bonsai, grown with love and cared for individually.
From seed to tree every step of the process has its significance. Learning with every season, every plant, every day
I share my sip of water and heartbeat 
with these creatures 
i hope you do too

What are the benefits of owning a Bonsai?

There are a lot of benefits owning a bonsai here are some benefits owning a bonsai tree.

Releave Stress

Taking care about bonsai trees or plants in general reduces stress.

Improve mental health

Taking care about something can improve your mental health.

Personalized interiors

Get some life into your living room it will improve the ambience of every room.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me anytime